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Modernising your infrastructure 

Legal firms are highly complex organisations that require reliable IT infrastructure and a high-level IT governance framework. Our IT support engineers and consultants have worked with the team at TLT Solicitors, and other law firms, and are experienced in delivering cloud services, networking solutions, and the best in IT hardware. 

Information Security

Your business IT systems need to be accessible to your whole team while remaining reliable and secure. Our IT consultants protect your vulnerable data and confidential client information, by providing high-level IT governance through delivering and advising on secure best practises around Microsoft Server Technologies, Microsoft 365 and Azure, as well as VMware and Dell EMC Infrastructure solutions. We also partner with a wide variety of security solutions and service providers to customise solutions to meet your needs. We’ll help you mitigate against the risk of a security breach alongside minimising the effect any potential breach could have on your business.

Efficient Practice Management

Reliable and resilient IT infrastructure is essential to support the core business systems in any legal practice. If you can’t access your case management system and bill your time accurately, then you will struggle to run an effective organisation. In addition to this, the deployment of Microsoft 365 and Teams to complement the functionality of your core business systems has the ability to further increase the efficiency of your organisation by improving communication and collaboration within your workforce wherever they are. Our business consultants and training team can work with your organisation to ensure that you maximise your investment in Microsoft licensing to increase the efficiency of your business.