We put technology to work

Honesty is our foundation, expert guidance is our commitment, and engagement is our approach.

Our goal

Kascade is on a mission to enable people through technology

That means we’re committed to:

  • Taking the time to understand a business and its people
  • Consulting all involved to secure company-wide confidence
  • Knowing tech like the back of our hands to offer the best advice
  • Aligning technology with clients’ goals for the right impact
  • Overseeing our recommendations every step of the way
Our ambition

Be the tech sense behind organisational success

Our team always delivers secure and effective technology solutions and services to create great experiences for users. That’s why Kascade is where modern work falls into place.

Meet the senior team

John Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer

Barry Coombs

Chief Technical Officer

David Wynn

Chief Operations Officer

Adam Read

Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer Bennett

Chief People Officer

Nick Davenport

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Marnham


Our values are more than just signs on the walls. We live and breathe them – they’re what make us Kascade.

Honesty is the best policy

Be open with your teammates and give clients honest answers. We want a solid team and long-standing relationships – showing integrity and trustworthiness will make this happen.

Take ownership

Show people you can be counted on to deliver because we go above and beyond for our clients. And step in when your colleagues need support or encouragement to honour our business commitments.

Be constructive

Apply your distinct knowledge to investigate and solve problems. Think critically, and ask for advice to refine your skills and keep learning. Give others clear and helpful feedback in return, and always celebrate success.

Engage everyone

Build rapport and share your expertise. Learn from each other, and always be respectful. We want to be seen as industry-leading professionals, so it’s OK to be opinionated – but never arrogant.

Embrace adaptability

Anticipate and communicate changing circumstances – if we need to switch things up, we do so without scrimping on performance. Proactively manage situations and look for ways to enhance people’s experiences.

Understanding is crucial

Be interested and inclusive – ask lots of questions of different people. Listen with patience and care so that people feel comfortable sharing their opinions… and are receptive to yours in return.

Join the Kascade team

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