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Is your telephone system ready for the new, more flexible hybrid and remote working environment?

You and your business have been through big changes over the last few years. Now, flexible working reigns supreme, and being tied to your desk and your desk phone every day is history.

So have you and your telecoms system embraced this bright new future?

Many businesses like yours have already liberated their employees through flexible working. They use technology like Microsoft Teams that go beyond just working and deliver real benefits that boost productivity and make for happier, more engaged staff

Change is here. We can help you embrace it. 

So the workplace has changed. And the tech behind telephone systems is changing too. That’s because the traditional landlines are being switched off in 2025. End of. Game over. So businesses up and down the country have to find new ways to communicate. 

In fact, many of us are already using them and they’re powered by cloud technology. It’s actually kept many businesses going through some tough times. Cloud calling is here and brings us all of the telecoms benefits that we’ve come to expect in the modern workspace. Flexibility, quality, security and reliability – they’re all aspects of the cloud that will be integrated into your modern phone system. 

Meet Kascade Voice. It’s how you’re going to communicate 

So, you’re already using Microsoft for your video conferencing, email and chats. Wouldn’t it be great if your telecoms were in the same place? That’s just what Teams Calling does. It unifies your all of communication channels to keep things simple. 

Guess what? Kascade can make your life even easier. Kascade Voice takes Teams Calling one step further. It’s our fully managed service which uses Microsoft’s Team Calling technology. So you and your team can do the talking, while we do the behind-the-scenes maintenance. You get all the benefits of cloud calling while we look after it for you.  

Works just like your old desk phone, but better! 

It’s just like using Microsoft Teams, only now your desk phone is in there too. Your call screen looks like your lovely old dial pad, and your calls look like standard phone calls. So the person you’re ringing won’t know it’s a Teams call. You can even transfer your old number over to CWVoice for Teams too. 

Get more free time, more benefits, more familiarity, more from your Microsoft investment. It’s a win-win-win-win scenario. 

Backed by one of the big names in telephony 

CW Voice for Teams is not only an extremely reliable solution, it’s also very flexible. You’ll never again miss a call because you’re not at your desk, or have nipped out for a quick coffee break. The cloud-based technology behind it means you can grab any call on any device anywhere in the world.  

Perhaps you’re slightly put off because it’s quite a big change. We get it. So here’s some reassurance. What if we told you that Kascade Voice runs through one of the UK’s largest enterprise-class voice network providers. So it’s always on, always reliable, always totally secure. 

Call from a variety of devices

Fully supported

Training provided as standard

Better than using mobiles 

OK. But when remote working suddenly came into effect and businesses were struggling to keep going, mobile phones saved them. 

That’s true. And thank you mobiles. But continuing to rely on them now will add to your costs and further scatter your communications. What’s more, since business mobiles surged in popularity in 2020, mobile phone companies have racked up their prices.  

That’s why Kascade Voice is the answer. It gives you all the freedom and flexibility of mobile comms, but without leaving a massive hole in your budget. Better still, with our fixed-minute contracts you can plan your budgeting even more efficiently. 

Control your spending 

If you’re worried about spending more on mobile devices, don’t be. You control exactly how much you spend. That’s because the cloud is utterly flexible and works around your needs.  

If you have Teams set up on your handheld devices, you can make and answer calls wherever you are. Want to make calls via a headset? Sure, chat away. And remember, not all headsets are made equal, so don’t let bad audio technology affect your calls. Just get some decent equipment. Want to use CWVoice for Teams for a conference call? Simple. Just run it on your mobile device or even through a Microsoft Teams Room.  

In short, whatever you need, however much you want to spend, CW Voice for Teams works around you. 

So let’s do it 

Obviously, being able to talk to each other and to your clients and suppliers, is pretty important in business. So when you’re putting in a new telecoms system, avoiding disruption and a communications blackout is an absolute priority. 

Our telephony specialists will plan everything, from creating the right calling plan for you, through to making sure that installation is smooth and hassle-free. Plus, with our knowledge of all things Microsoft and telephony, we can help you mix and match the right solution for your specific budgets, users and future plans. 

When it’s up and running, we’ll be there with our with training and adoption services, to make sure your team is confident in using the new system. Then you’re all good to go.