Microsoft 365 training and adoption

Beat the barriers to Microsoft 365 adoption

So, you’ve already using Microsoft 365 and are eager to set it to work for your organisation and start reaping the rewards. But there’s a stumbling block. Your employees are inexperienced in using the apps and feel unsure as to how to apply it to their roles. How can you overcome this obstacle in the road to adoption success? Time to talk to Kascade.

We know that migrating to Microsoft 365 is just the start. A training and adoption strategy is key to unlocking its potential and seeing it deliver on its full potential. Done well, training can not only embed technology into your business, but encourage your people to champion everything it can do. It can help you retain your best people, as the right tools help them to be more productive, motivated and happier in their roles.

Microsoft 365 adoption training – your way

The thought of training may conjure images of whiteboards and conference rooms. But at Kascade that’s not our style. The way we deliver training for you is not dictated by Microsoft, or by us – but by you and your team. Through a blend of self-paced, instructor-led, 1:1 and bite-sized self-service training in our ‘Adopt 365’ platform, we’ll create a tailored programme that’s as individual as your people.

  • Adopt 365 training platform
  • Customised training
  • Instructor-led and self-paced
  • Training for users and IT administrators
  • Certified courses and informal learning
  • Bespoke training

Live training

Step-by-step guides

Video training

Providing ongoing training can prevent employees’ skills from falling behind

Our ‘Adopt 365’ platform contains up-to-the-minute guides, tips and tutorials which your team can dip in and out of as and when they need to. And of course, our training and adoption specialists are ready to support this with live training at any time.