Start Your Azure Journey Right With Azure Landing Zones

Are you looking to host workloads in Azure? Do you have concerns around security and governance? Do you already have workloads in Azure and are looking to scale in a structured way? Reduce this pre-project anxiety and be prepared by using Microsoft’s Best Practice, Azure Landing Zone

You are invited to learn with our experts in a one-hour webinar all about the importance of Azure Landing Zones. If you haven’t heard of Azure Landing zones before, it is an important part of the Cloud Adoption Framework. Azure Landing Zone makes sure your fully prepared and mitigates risks, so that you gain peace of mind and confidence. 

Leaving this webinar, you will not only gain knowledge on Landing Zones, but you will leave with a practical understanding and how you can apply them to your business. From deploying workloads in a configured and secure/governed way, to making sure you meet your business requirements – Our experts will share their insight with you. Overall you will learn about the key points you should consider before designing your project. 

Start your next Azure project in the right way, by meeting with our Azure specialists to learn about Azure Landing Zones.