Cybersecurity Hindsight and 2023 Insights

Build a solid security posture with limited resources

Get ahead of 2023’s emerging cyber security insights and prepare for the complexities you will face this year!

2022 was another record-breaking year for cyber attacks, with massive breaches and huge ransomware demands. In many cases, known vulnerabilities were exploited. Mitigating risk and reducing the impacts of cyber attacks is a major challenge, especially in organisations where high-level skills and resources may be limited.

Measures like insurance are not always the answer: in fact, Arctic Wolf’s 2022 Cyber Insurance Survey shows soaring cyber insurance uptake, with the expectation that the insurance will cover the majority of the costs of a breach. They won’t necessarily do so. Insurers are requiring customers to actively lower their risk, with a dramatic shift in what controls are needed to secure a policy.

Arctic Wolf, a global leader in security operations, invites you to attend this webinar to learn essential insight on lessons the security community learned in 2022, what the current and emerging risks are in 2023, how to mitigate risk to secure insurance, and how to improve your cyber security posture with limited resources.