Unlocking the Full Potential of Microsoft 365

We have an important question for you. Are you getting the most out of Microsoft 365? And be honest. We know how easy it is to hit ‘renew’ on autopilot, without considering the full potential of your investment. So stop and take a moment to consider your answer… 

Microsoft 365 isn’t just a toolbox – it’s a powerhouse of opportunities. It’s constantly evolving the features and applications on offer, with Teams Premium, Loop and Copilot being just a few recent examples. 

But are you actually making the most of what you’ve already got? It can be a bit like owning a sports car and not knowing it can go from zero to sixty in seconds!  

Think of Microsoft 365 as your business’s turbo boost. But to hit top speed, you need to know what you’re working with. And we’re not talking about merely scraping the surface; it’s about digging deep to find the gold. That’s where we step in. Kascade isn’t just about handing over the keys – we tune your engine to perfection.

The Kascade difference: not just licenses, but ladders to success

Have you picked Kascade for your Microsoft 365 licensing? If so, you’re signing up for a journey to transform your workspace. And it’s more than just getting licences; it’s about thriving with Microsoft 365. We’re all in, not just for the transaction, but to fuel your success.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways you can maximise the value of your licence and get more from your investment in Microsoft 365. Here’s what’s on the table:

License review – streamlining for efficency

No one likes to splurge on things they don’t need, right? That’s why we offer a complimentary review of your licences. Just like fine-tuning that race car – we strip away the excess and beef up what matters, ensuring you zip past the competition with exactly what you need.

Bi-annual health checks – the heartbeat of your system

Think of us as your pit crew. Twice a year, we dive into your Microsoft 365 setup, checking the vitals – usage, configuration, security and user adoption. This isn’t just a once-over; it’s a deep dive to keep your business in pole position.

Art of the possible sessions – unleash the full power

If you feel like you’re only scratching the surface of what Microsoft 365 can do, you need one of our ‘Art of the Possible’ sessions. These aren’t just demos; they’re eye-openers, tailored to show your business leaders how Microsoft 365 can turbocharge your specific business needs. 

Whether you want to demonstrate how Microsoft 365 can improve organisation and productivity, or see how it can enhance collaboration and communication, our ‘Art of the Possible’ sessions can be tailored to fit your organisation’s strategy and really elevate engagement with 365. It’s about inspiring your leaders and teams to harness the full spectrum of 365’s capabilities, aligning its capabilities with your strategic goals.

Adopt 365 training – revealing hidden teams

Keeping up with Microsoft 365 can feel like a high-speed chase. And that’s where Adopt 365 comes in. It’s your go-to pit stop for everything Microsoft 365. Live training, in-depth articles, custom content bookmarks – it’s all there to transform your team into Microsoft 365 wizards. 

With Kascade, all our Microsoft 365 clients get Adopt 365 included as standard, as we believe everyone should be able to master the tools, no matter who they are.

Are you getting full throttle with Microsoft 365?

With all this in mind, are you really squeezing every drop of potential from your Microsoft 365 subscription? Is your Microsoft provider delivering real value? At Kascade, we don’t just hand you the keys; we jump in the passenger seat and navigate you to success.

So, let’s shift gears and redline your Microsoft 365 experience. With us, it’s not just about getting there; it’s about enjoying the high-speed journey to digital empowerment.

So what are you waiting for?

Get a Microsoft 365 specialist that provides real value so you thrive with 365