Three Cheers to Us! ComputerWorld Achieves its 3rd Microsoft Partner Designation!

We’re on a roll!

ComputerWorld is ecstatic to announce that we have achieved another Microsoft Partner Designation. After already gaining the Azure Infrastructure and Modern Work SMB designations, we have now been awarded the Modern Work Enterprise designation. So, in the six months of Microsoft Solution Partner Designations being live, we have achieved three designations… not too shabby if we say so ourselves.  

But let’s refresh…

Why should you care about us getting a Partner Designation?

Back in 2022, Microsoft scrapped their silver and gold competencies (Partner Awards) to make way for the Partner Designations. These awards mean businesses, like ComputerWorld, can show off their specific technical talents, making it easier for customers, like you, to know what they excel in. 

But for these show-stopping awards, Microsoft wanted partners to go that extra mile to get them. Because how would it be a valuable award if any partner could ‘easily’ achieve them? And that’s why ComputerWorld is shouting about our new designations and the fact we already have three of them (don’t worry, we’re working on the other three!). These awards aren’t just a trophy for us – they embody our dedication and commitment to Microsoft technologies and customer solutions. 

What the SMB and Enterprise Designation mean for you

We told you all about the Microsoft Partner Designation for Azure Infrastructure in our recent article (which we’ll kindly link here, as we know you’re raring to know more!), so we thought we’d give you an insight into the SMB and Enterprise designations too.

Like the Azure Designation, ComputerWorld’s leapt over the 70-point threshold for the modern work designation for both SMB and Enterprise. But what do these designations refer to?

The SMB track means that ComputerWorld has a proven record of solutions and services for small and medium businesses. And you’ve guessed it, our newly accredited Enterprise track solutions means we have the same for large enterprises. 

Therefore, whether you’re a big, medium or small business, you can be confident that ComputerWorld will be able to get you the results you need when it comes to Microsoft Modern Work.