The secret is out: Kascade is officially certified as a ‘great place to work’

Dah-Dah-Dah-Daaaah (that’s celebratory Trumpet music for you non-brass instrument players)! 🎺 A quick fanfare to celebrate our latest achievement…We have joined some of the biggest global names in being accredited by Great Place to Work! And if you don’t already know the Great Place to Work is THE global authority on workplace culture. Right to the core, this global authority is built on the belief that great employee experiences are better for people, for business, and for the world. And for us to be accredited by these superstars is an amazing achievement.

You see, Kascade doesn’t only agree with the beliefs of the Great Place to Work… we put them into action. We know that our team is our biggest asset! And when they’re happy, our clients are happy – so practicing what we preach, to make sure our team is happy and hearing their honest feedback helps us flourish all together. 

That’s why we put so much care into our employee culture, making sure we do things like:

  • Weekly Monday morning catch-up calls, quick informative around the room style update, and best of all, a quiz to finish.
  • Our grow your own talent strategy, helping shape and develop the professionals of tomorrow.
  • A shallow hierarchy, so everyone is confident and accessible across the company.
  • 4 BIG team social events per year

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

A whopping 93% of the Kascade Team participated in the Great Place to Work Survey. And trust us when we say, we didn’t scrape by with our results… we nailed it. Our Trust Index Score was 86%.

But what exactly is the Trust Index Survey you ask? Well, the only way to find out about your company’s culture, is by asking your team directly! So, our team was sent a survey, which measures the overall employee experience at Kascade. To pass this, you need a score of 65% … so we smashed it!

But if you know Kascade, we won’t stop at 86%! We are always evolving to better our workplace and experiences. So, next year we have set ourselves the goal of increasing our Trust Index Score to 90%

And that’s not just it! Whilst we’re extremely proud of our Trust Index Score, another thing that is important to us is being fair to everyone. So, we take even more pride in knowing that 96% of our respondents said that Kascade treats everyone fairly, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and race! And the cherry on top of all of this success, 96% of respondents say, that as a team we care about each other. That also includes management being ethical and honest in their practices. 

But enough from us, we’re sure you would like to hear exactly what some of our staff had to say in this survey: So here are the clip quotes:

“Working at Kascade makes you feel like it’s one big family. Always welcoming, fun and staff are all round genuine kind people”

“The place where it’s all about quality work as well as fun, belonging, and being yourself”

“Great bunch of people, very flexible working environment and I do genuinely feel management care for their employees”

And that’s a wrap! Well at least for now. Although we are certified, Kascade will continue to build and create the most epic of workspaces for our team! So, it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later when we announce more about the great things we are doing. 

Want to be part of our amazing team?

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