On Cloud Nine: ComputerWorld Shortlisted for Cloud Excellence Awards!

It’s time to get our suits pressed, our shoes polished and pick out a tie. Why? Because ComputerWorld has been shortlisted (again) for another prestigious award! We’re definitely on a roll this year – we’ve already been shortlisted for two awards and won one. And, now, our Microsoft learning platform, Adopt 365, has been selected as a finalist for Cloud Training Programme of the Year in the renowned Cloud Excellence Awards!

We have worked our way to the final four against hundreds of submissions. And we are now up against some big names in the industry, like KnowBe4 and Lloyds Banking App.

But, before we get suited and booted, we should tell you what this award actually means…

Head in the clouds? All about the award

The Cloud Excellence Awards recognise the very best of the UK’s cloud industry. They search the nation for the most innovative and compelling products/vendors within all things cloud. These awards really embody what cloud tech is all about and want to celebrate the companies that are really getting their customer’s heads into the cloud!

Now that’s enough about them (if you did want to know more mind, help yourself and look at their about us page) time for what this award is all about, Cloud Training!

The cloud is everywhere. And, for your business to go the distance in this modern working world, the cloud should be your constant companion and your champion to get things done. But, as there has been such a quick shift to cloud tech, there is a clear gap in skills. In recognition of this, the award is singling out those cloud trainers, those cloud vendors that are going that extra step to help their customers skill up their users. And that is exactly what Adopt 365 was made to do.

Haven’t heard of Adopt 365? 

Like the cloud, Microsoft 365 has untethered potential. But many businesses rely on their applications to work and get things done. Productivity, collaboration, and enhanced communication are all benefits of Microsoft 365 – but, let’s be honest, many people don’t use or even know about all the great tools and features they have at their fingertips. Enter Adopt 365. Whether you are a Microsoft Champion, waving the M365 flag in your business, a user who isn’t confident in tech, or a decision-maker in the business, the Adopt 365 library is packed with a full catalogue of training content to help everyone across a business. Adopt 365 shows the tools available within an application, keeps you up to date on all things Microsoft, and has single sign-on options, playlists, search functions, live training, podcasts, videos and articles. You name it, Adopt 365 probably has it. We want everyone to feel confident using tech and for businesses to get more bang for their Microsoft buck.

As you can probably tell, we’re incredibly proud of our Adopt 365 platform – in fact, we’d happily shout it from the rooftops. But we’re ecstatic about the fact that the judges of the Cloud Excellence Awards agree with us. All we can do now is wait until the big day on September 21st.