It’s official: ComputerWorld are the Best Employer to Work For in Europe! 

The European MSP Innovation Awards are back for their fifth year, to celebrate those companies who are serving as extraordinary examples of success in the European managed IT services market. 

ComputerWorld are proud to have won a major award at the ceremony! According to the judges at the MSP Innovation Awards Europe 2023, ComputerWorld is the ‘Best Employer to Work for’ in Europe. We are ecstatic to be recognised for such an amazing award and to win in the face of competition from some truly great IT businesses. We would like to thank our entire team for their dedication and commitment to ComputerWorld over the last 12 months. 

As a company, we have always put our people first because without our team there wouldn’t be a ComputerWorld. And without ComputerWorld, we wouldn’t be able to work with and help our amazing customers. That’s why we have always been totally committed to a creating a great working environment for all of our staff. 

But before we crack open our celebratory bottles of champagne, here’s why we think the judges might have chosen ComputerWorld to win this prestigious award. 

Providing a fun and supportive space to work 

The way we all work has changed. Our team no longer see the office as their only place to work in this new, more flexible working world. But this means that it’s even more important that they still feel connected, valued and part of our company. And that’s what we strive to do. We work hard to bring them all together, not just under one roof, but online with the help of modern technology and fun company days. We are big believers that a team that plays together wins together. 

Our weekly Monday morning catch-up on Microsoft Teams is fun, informative and gives everyone the chance to reconnect after the weekend. The call brings together news from different departments, announcements of team members’ anniversaries, birthdays, personal news, and of course is the perfect excuse for our famous Monday morning quiz. 

To make sure no-one is left out, we also post a quick bullet-point summary on our company’s Yammer after the call, for anyone who is too busy to take part in the quiz. 

Helping our people grow 

Our approach to talent means that we welcome smart and passionate people, who may not have the most experience, but who we can help to grow their skills. We call this our ‘Grow your own talent strategy’ and we’re proud to help shape and develop the IT professionals of tomorrow. 

We also want every member of staff to feel confident about expressing their views to any of our team, even to senior leadership. We want our people to challenge and speak freely to everyone, whatever their position at ComputerWorld. 

But there’s no point putting all these plans, procedures and even quizzes together, if it’s not actually what our team want. In fact, there’s no point in pitching our company as a great place to work if it’s not actually true.  

That’s why we actively look for feedback to help us make ComputerWorld an outstanding place to work. We regularly send out Net Promoter Scores, which have been rising month on month with January’s score hitting 72.73%. When that sad time comes and one of our team members leaves, we use our exit interview to find out how we can make the employee experience even better.  

So, before the bubbly goes flat, we would again like to thank our amazing team for all their hard work. We promise that we’re committed to keeping ComputerWorld as the best employer to work for in Europe.