Computerworld Are Proud to Have Passed Cyber Essentials Plus Again

ComputerWorld are ecstatic to announce we have once again passed our Cyber Essential Plus Audit. The whole team at ComputerWorld understands the importance of cyber security in the modern workspace. Not just for our own safety, but the safety of our clients. This year is the 5th year we have passed this scheme and will continue to do undergo the audit in the coming years. As businesses are drastically and continually changing with how they operate, you need to stay on your toes about cyber security. For example, with team members and clients working from anywhere, on a range of different devices; keeping up to date on the best standards and practices to protect your data/businesses is vital. By achieving this award, it makes it clear to us and our customers that we are continuing with our great standards when it comes to security.

You may be wondering what a Cyber Essentials Plus Certification is and why we are so proud to have it. Let us explain.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a government-backed scheme, aimed to help protect all organisations against a range of cyber-attacks. With over 20 types of cyber-attacks all with vastly different methods, approaches, and perpetrators, it can seem like an uphill battle. But prevention is twice worth the cure, that’s why schemes like Cyber Essentials Plus are designed to stop these attacks before reaching your business’s front door.

With Cyber Essentials there are 2 different certifications. ComputerWorld has the Cyber Essential Plus Certification. The more basic certification, Cyber Essentials, is a basic assessment that gives you peace of mind that your defences will protect your business against a substantial proportion of common cyber-attacks. Whilst the Cyber Essential Plus (CE Plus) has all of this, it also entails a more hands-on technical verification to ensure the best level of defence for the business.

This is more important than just having the badge and certificate that comes along with these credentials. Passing this security audit and earning its certificate, helps demonstrate, teach, and develop the security postures that are important, not only for us but the businesses that we work with. This certificate provides us with the peace of mind that we are doing the right thing for ourselves and our customers. But it also provides continuous knowledge and training for the wider business.

With 4/10 of businesses reporting that they had a cyber breach last year alone, this demonstrates why we at ComputerWorld will always put security at the top of our priorities. With each new business year, with changes in operations to new threats we continue to achieve our CE+ Certificate, so we can continue to reassure our partners, clients, and our team that they are in safe hands.