Not your average MSP: Driving success through strategy

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Lawyers need smooth comms as well as data at their fingertips. They have no time to be held back by inefficient tech. But Doyle Clayton was stuck with an outdated legacy system. Working as an extension of their team, we realigned their strategy with modern workspace tech that freed them for even greater success.

In 1997, UK-based law firm, Doyle Clayton, was quickly climbing the ranks and established itself as a specialist in employment law. Now 25 years on, the employer-employee landscape has changed (as many things have), meaning Doyle Clayton has evolved and extended their legal offerings. From employment law to business immigration to pensions, SMEs to start-ups, High Court cases to small tribunals… if it’s workplace legal you need, you bet they can help.

Needing IT support, when and wherever

Lawyers are busy, on-the-go people – when they need their materials, they need them there and then. And this is especially true for the lawyers at Doyle Clayton. They need IT solutions that will support them and enhance their practices. But their previous Managed Service Provider (MSP) wasn’t hitting that mark. It’s safe to say Doyle Clayton outgrew their services and wanted a new MSP who was proactive in running new and innovative IT solutions, strategic and cloud-focused. And that’s why Kascade was recommended to them.

“With Kascade we are finally getting the service we always needed and deserved!”

Karen Williams
Head of Administration, Doyle Clayton

Moving with the times

So here was our chance not to just TELL the Doyle Clayton team about what we do but SHOW them! Doyle Clayton is a forward-thinking business, and they want the best tech to support them and their team in the ever-evolving world of employment law. And what tech is flexible, durable and has many benefits? Yep, the cloud!

Our Microsoft specialists ran an assessment of their current environment, showing them how the cloud could be more beneficial for their modern practice. And so began our big migration project.

But this wasn’t an easy task. Their previous MSP had locked them into a legacy environment, which wasn’t ideal. So, we worked to free them from any vendor lock-in – because Doyle Clayton should want to stay with their service provider voluntarily, not feel forced to.

Getting them out of the lock-in wasn’t the only important aspect of this migration. As a team of lawyers, it was vital that the migration was flawless, with no room for error. If they needed their data there and then, say for a court case, we needed to make sure there was no disruption to them getting it.

“The transition was seamless! Considering we went from a Citrix system to all new laptops and more, I remember thinking to myself, “No, it’s too much change, too quickly – there is going to be so much disruption”. But on the day, everyone just logged in. Even with all that change, there was no interruption for the business. We just switched over, without losing a penny.”

Piers Leigh-Pollitt
Partner & Compliance Officer for Legal Practice, Doyle Clayton

Streamlining communication

During our discussions, it became evident that Doyle Clayton was facing challenges with its current legacy calling solution. The rise of remote working since 2020 meant more employees were working from home. But using their on-premises phone system was difficult when working in a location other than the office, and to top it off, it racked up substantial expenses when accessed remotely. So as a result, many employees resorted to using mobile phones, which was less than ideal as mobile service providers also increased their prices.

Doyle Clayton already used Microsoft Teams as their central collaboration and communication hub. So, it made perfect sense to unify their communications within this platform. This led to the introduction of Kascade Voice, a solution tailored to meet Doyle Clayton’s specific needs, including reliable calling, cost management and features like auto attendants for improved customer service.

Ensuring a seamless transition without any downtime was essential in this migration. Especially when you consider communication as the lifeblood of Doyle Clayton’s operations. Once implemented, we provided training for their users so they could be confident and empowered with this new calling tech.

Seamless success!

Doyle Clayton was understandbly nervous at the beginning of this transition. Their existing provider had tied them into certain technologies and before, if there were any IT changes, it was felt across the whole business. But that’s not the Kascade way! We want the businesses we work with to benefit and look forward to their new ‘shiny tech’, not make them feel like it’s hard work. And that’s exactly what Doyle Clayton got! The process was slick, and the transition was smooth, as Kascade had it all in hand.

Let’s talk strategy

Delivering excellent service is a fundamental expectation when you partner with an MSP. But what truly sets Kascade apart for Doyle Clayton is our commitment to truly understanding them. We go beyond the surface and delve into their strategic objectives through monthly meetings. These sessions are more than just discussions; they’re exciting collaborative opportunities. Through these regular interactions, we identify tailored solutions that not only elevate Doyle Clayton’s business but also align seamlessly with their strategic goals and aspirations.

“With Kascade, you get the right support and access to their experts across the whole company. Support from the help desk to the strategic experts, to account managers and beyond. They really are an extension of the Doyle Clayton team. So, if we have a question, concern or query, we know we can just pop Kascade a call and get the right expert to respond and help quickly. Now with all this extra time on my hands, I can invest it in forward planning and strategy to drive further success to Doyle Clayton.”

Jason Parry
Head of Finance, Doyle Clayton

An extension of the Doyle Clayton team

Obviously, Doyle Clayton needed a new MSP. But they didn’t just want any MSP. It was important that their IT provider could take over the reins of the whole business’s IT and support them.

Yet, for Doyle Clayton finding their new MSP wasn’t just about if they could just manage their IT. They needed a provider who has experience with ever-growing businesses. An IT provider who is proactive in their search for the best solutions and could help them get better use of their existing technology. And an IT provider who would build a strategic relationship with them. Kascade ticked all these boxes.

Having been their MSP since 2021, Kascade is Doyle Clayton’s IT team through Kascade Complete. Yes, their IT team – not just an average MSP, but a valuable extension of their business. For anything IT related, the Doyle Clayton Team relies on us – from taking charge of their infrastructure to taking calls from their users.