Are you Getting Enough from your Microsoft subscription?

It’s nearly been a year since Microsoft changed from its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme to New Commerce Experience (NCE) licences. As a part of the new structure, many of us opted for the yearly licence, so it’ll soon be time to think about renewals. But before you jump to simply hit the renew button, we’d like you to stop and reflect for a moment – especially with the announced price increase from Microsoft.

Ask yourself: Am I Getting Enough from My Microsoft NCE Licence?

We’re going to look at additional benefits you could get from your Microsoft licences, but first, let’s refresh our memories on what NCE is.

Let’s refresh… what’s NCE again?

In 2022, Microsoft announced that it was changing its CSP licences to NCE, so its customers could get a better and easier experience. It simplified the terms and conditions process and gave licence holders the option of three different purchase agreements:

  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • 3-year

Depending on your business, your team and your specific needs, each one of these options brought different benefits. . If you want more information about the initial NCE campaign, have a look at this article.

Could it be time to do things differently?

We’ve noticed that when a lot of businesses signed up to NCE last year, their provider didn’t run them through everything the licenses have to offer. The result? Many businesses are still paying for additional applications elsewhere that are actually included in M365. So not only are they not maximising on their investment by benefitting from the 30+ included applications, they are losing money because they are paying for certain tools twice.

Is this ringing a bell? If so, it isn’t your fault. The onus is on your provider for not making you aware of all the applications included in your licence.

That is why it might be time to do things differently with a different provider.

Here at ComputerWorld, we like value – not wasting money. Instead of paying for more tools, we look at how our customers can get more from what they’ve got, rather than selling them extras.

So as your renewal approaches, instead of looking for a licence specialist who will just provide the licence, why not start working with a Microsoft specialist… like us!

Why ComputerWorld?

ComputerWorld is a Microsoft specialist, with many Microsoft experts on hand, plus our in-house business consultants. Not only will you get the license, but you’ll also benefit from our knowledge and expertise. AND we put the onus on us to ensure that your business gets full benefit from its Microsoft investments – taking yet another responsibility off your shoulders.

Take a look at some of the benefits a ComputerWorld Microsoft licence will bring:

  1. We share our knowledge. As firm believers in learning and understanding, we pass on our knowledge to our M365 customers. They get exclusive access to our training and learning platform – Adopt 365. Developed by the Microsoft specialists at ComputerWorld, the platform offers a full catalogue of training content to help them use Microsoft 365 in the best way. Meaning whether you’re an IT novice or a Microsoft champion, we provide the know-how for you to enhance your ROI, productivity, communication and collaboration.
  1. A variety of learning opportunities. As Microsoft specialists and advocates for learning, we understand that different people have different ways of learning. That’s why we host many Microsoft-focused live events. This is our way of not only sharing our knowledge, but a chance to meet you face-to-face, have some fun and get more insight into what’s important for you and your team.
  1. Art of the Possible sessions. Many of us aren’t aware what the full Microsoft suite has to offer and just use the core applications for day-to-day operations. Art of the Possible is an interactive session where we sit down with you one-on-one and show you the potential that your Microsoft has for YOUR business.
  1. Complimentary, bi-annual health checks. If we rely on something, our cars, our body, even our phones… we get a health check. So it should the same for the tech that drives our business. Our Microsoft health check gives you the peace of mind that your M365 is running exactly as it should be and any potential small issues will be nipped in the bud before they become big issues.
  1. Big enough to help. Small enough to care. Many companies claim that building customer relationships is at the top of their priorities. But when your provider is a big conglomerate, it can still feel like a cold call when they call to check in. ComputerWorld has a happy balance. We’re big enough to have the knowledge and expertise, but small enough that you’ll have a designated account manager, who will build a relationship with you. They get to know how you work and your aspirations so they can help and advise you on things you actually care about.
  1. More bang for your buck. We know that, ultimately, money is king. So our Microsoft licences are competitively priced, and we will get you better ROI.

Now you’ve seen the added benefits of working with a Microsoft specialist instead of just a licencing specialist, let’s go back to the question in the title of this article… ‘Am I Getting Enough from My Microsoft NCE Licence?’.

  • No – before renewing your licence, talk to a ComputerWorld expert by clicking here.
  • No, but is switching providers worth the effort? Still contact us. You might be surprised how easy it is to transfer your licences. And we’ll do it for you, anyway. Talk to us here.
  • Yes – great stuff. But just double-check our benefits list to see if your current provider gives you ALL of them before you renew.